Take The Guesswork Out of Link Building

As an SEO agency or freelancer, you understand the value of backlinks and the role they play in your client’s ranking. We present you with Authority Hawk, a Software as a Service (SAAS) tool that transforms the way you evaluate and selects high-quality links for your clients.

Our tool takes away the tedious task of manual link quality checks and offers you a swift, precise, and thorough analysis by using over 21 checks in just a few seconds. The result? Increased productivity, cost savings, and most importantly, better ROI on your link-building campaigns.

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Unleashing Link Building Potential: The Authority Hawk Difference

Authority Hawk is more than just a link-building tool. It’s your innovative backlink strategist that meticulously vets potential backlink opportunities through a thorough analysis of a site’s content, traffic, and backlink profile. No more guessing games. With Authority Hawk, you invest your time and resources in links that positively influence your rankings.

Website Analysis

Rapid, detailed website analysis saves you valuable time and effort.

Link Building

A precise algorithm to help you find higher-quality sites for link-building opportunities that guarantee improved ranking.


Better ROI on your backlinks investment.

Our Amazing Features

Traffic Authority Meter

The Traffic Authority Meter is our proprietary tool designed to evaluate the robustness of a website based on its traffic data. This unique feature is built on extensive data analysis, incorporating a formula that brings organic traffic and organic keywords into play to establish a site’s true authority. 

It’s a game-changer in the realm of assessing domain authority, offering a more reliable and accurate measure that cannot be manipulated.

Traffic Authority Meter

Domain Authority Meter

Our Domain Authority Meter is designed to evaluate the robustness of a website, taking into account both its authority score and traffic authority. 

This domain authority metric is a unique measure of a website’s potency, as it integrates the traffic analysis aspect of domain authority. As a result, our Domain Authority Meter offers a more accurate reflection of a website’s authority than other metrics.

Domain Authority Meter

Domain Stats

Our tool furnishes extensive statistics about a domain, encompassing Organic Keywords, Organic Traffic, Referring Domains, Total Backlinks, Dofollow Backlinks, Nofollow Backlinks, Sponsored Backlinks, and UGC Backlinks. 

With all backlink data presented in an intuitive chart, you can easily spot any anomalies in a website’s backlink profile, offering a comprehensive view at a single glance.

Domain Stats

Publishing Pulse Tracker

Monitor any website’s publishing activities with a visually engaging chart that displays your site’s new content frequency over the past 12 months.

This feature identifies unusual publishing patterns, providing insights into potential AI-generated mass content production or abnormal guest posting activities. 

Content published

Link Juice Meter (Premium)

This exclusive feature offers a precise estimation of a domain’s backlink strength. We consider various factors like domain authority, count of dofollow backlinks, and the exact number of site pages. 

This comprehensive analysis allows us to calculate the link juice distribution across the site, providing an approximation of the potential link juice you could gain from a backlink on this domain.

Link Juice Meter

Red Flags Detector (Premium)

This unique feature is designed to alert you about potential risks such as link farms and unnatural backlinks profiles, among others. Here are the key alerts currently provided:

High Traffic by Top-Ranked Keywords: Sites with over 30% traffic from top-ranked keywords could be artificially boosting their numbers. Our tool flags this for your attention.

Traffic-Page Disparity: We caution you about sites with a low traffic-to-page ratio, which might be indicative of link farms or low authority sites.

Open Guest Post Invitation: Websites featuring a ‘Write for Us’ page typically accept guest submissions. Our system prompts you to investigate further, particularly for any fee disclosures. It’s crucial to note that sites openly advertising paid guest posts can contravene Google’s TOS, posing a risk of manual penalties.

Comment Links Spam: An unusually high number of UGC links, more than 100 for small to medium-sized websites, can suggest spammy activities. We recommend a manual backlink profile check.

Weak Backlinks Profile: Our tool alerts you when a site’s referring domains are disproportionately high relative to its traffic, hinting at possible low-quality or spammy backlinks.

Red Flags Detector

Bulk Check (Premium)

Empower your research with our feature that lets you evaluate up to 10,000 domains in a single step. Just upload your .txt file and let our system do the heavy lifting in the background. When it’s done, a detailed Excel report will be available for download. 

Start the process, step away, and return when it suits you.

Bulk Check

Organic Keyword Insights (Premium)

Delve into the leading organic keywords for any domain. Access a detailed list of highest-ranking keywords, their respective positions, traffic ratio, and other crucial metrics like search volume. 

With ease, identify if a site ranks for high-quality keywords, if it aligns with your industry, or if it primarily attracts low-quality keyword traffic.

Organic Keyword Insights-

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Pricing Packages


$0 / mo

Features Include:

Traffic Authority Meter

Domain Authority Meter

Domain Stats

Publishing Pulse Tracker

5 Credits Daily (Renew every 24h)

Best Value


$15 / mo

All Free Features Plus:

Link Juice Meter

Bulk Check

Historical data

Red Flags

Traffic per Page Ratio

250 Credits Monthly

* You can learn the difference between our free and premium plans here. More details on our premium features are also available here.
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